House with unusual balcony to be built in Moscow

House with unusual balcony to be built in Moscow
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The Moscow City Architecture Committee agreed a draft project for a house with unusual balconies hidden behind glass boxes, the Committee’s statement reads.

The building is located in Ochakovo-Matveevsky residential area in the west of Russia’s capital.

A three-section and 17-storey building is planned to be constructed upon a project of JSC Mosproject-4 between Aminyevskoye highway and Nezhinsky Street. A total area of apartments will be about 10 thousand square meters.

“A simple form of a building with the shape of a plate is divided by color into light and dark parts. It is randomly scattered balconies on the facade with a characteristic glazing in the form of a transparent "box" covering one or two apartments, that contribute plastic variety to the composition,” the message reads.