Russian car-maker plans to resume production in Turkey

Russian car-maker plans to resume production in Turkey
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Gaz Group, a Russian automotive manufacturer, plans to resume production in Turkey, the President of GAZ Group, Vadim Sorokin, told reporters at the Russian Automotive Forum.

“Now we are resuming the production of our automobiles in Turkey. The matter is that before the crisis in political relations, business was retarded, but now we are resuming it. We are sending our personnel there and restoring the full production cycle of these vehicles,” Vadim Sorokin said. “It will be great if we sell at least 500 items there this year,” he added.

In 2012, GAZ Group jointly with the Turkish Mersa Otomotiv, opened an assembly factory in Turkey. But in 2015, his work was suspended. Now, the group is capable to expand the range of produced cars, adding GAZelle Next panel van.

In addition, the Group examines the prospects for establishing assembly facility in Iran, Vietnam and Egypt.