Sales of new buildings in USA see 6% growth

Sales of new buildings in USA see 6% growth
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In March, the volume of sales of new buildings in the USA has increased by 5.8% compared to the previous month — up to 621,000 homes at an annual rate adjusted for seasonal factors, according to the U.S. Ministry of Commerce.

The figure was the highest for the last eight months, that is from July 2016, MarketWatch notes. Then the record of 622,000 homes was set since the beginning of 2008.

According to revised data, 587,000 new buildings (a 0,3% growth) were sold in February, not 592,000 (an increase of 6.1%), as it was previously reported.

Analysts polled by Trading Economics expected to see last month a reduction by 0.8% from the previously announced level, down to 583,000. Respondents of MarketWatch predicted 580,000.