Cheapest apartment in Crimea estimated at $22,000

Cheapest apartment in Crimea estimated at $22,000
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The cheapest apartment in the Crimea will cost less than 1.5 million rubles, the study conducted by MIEL-Franchising states.

The most budget option worth 1.25 million rubles ($22,000). This is one-room flat in the nine-storey building located in the center of Simferopol, the administrative center of the Crimean Republic. A total area of the Crimea’s cheapest apartment amounts to 19 square meters.

One-room flat situated 8 km from the resort of Alushta is ranked the second. This apartment is located in the village of Malyy Mayak and is worth 2 million rubles ($34,600). A buyer will receive for this amount of money a housing with an area of 35 square meters with two balconies, which overlook the sea and the mountains. The third place comes to a one-room flat with an area of 20.8 square meters situated in the resort of Gurzuf.

The most expensive option for housing in the Crimea will cost 80 times more. This is a five-room apartment in the city of Yalta with an area of almost 260 square meters that is estimated at 84,5 million rubles ($1,4 million).