Siberian Disneyland to be created in Russia for $35m

Siberian Disneyland to be created in Russia for $35m
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A park for tourism, sports and recreation under the name of Salaire is planned to be established 102 km from the Russian city of Novosibirsk, an administrative center of the Siberian Federal District.

This is what the acting director general of the Investment Development Agency of the Novosibirsk region, Alexander Zyryanov, said at a meeting with the Governor Vladimir Gorodetsky on Tuesday.

A total area of the park will amount to 102 hectares. It will be divided into several functional areas: a sports one with stadiums and cable cars, an entertainment zone with a petting zoo and fishing, health and social areas housing health facilities and children's rehabilitation centers.

A business area of the park will include a business center and hotel complex, while an educational one is intended for a center for training of personnel in sports and medical industry. Also, an ethnic village and a cottage settlement are planned to be built in the territory of the park.