The Chinese participating in Moscow Metro construction

The Chinese participating in Moscow Metro construction
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The specialists of the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) have started work at the allotted section of the Third interchange circuit of the Moscow Metro.

Andrei Bochkarev, Head of the Moscow Construction Department, has tols Construction.RU about it. According to him, they work at the section between the Mozhaiskaya and Aminievskoye Highway stations, which is 3.7 km long.

By the end of 2020, the Chinese specialists will build the Aminievskoye highway, the Michurinsky Avenue and the Vernadsky Avenue stations and the tunnels between them. A 23 bln roubles’ (≈$383m) contract is concluded for that with the CRCC.

Latr Russian contractors will join the process and install the systems of traffic control and some others. 500 Chinese engineers will work in Moscow, 4 tunnel-boring complexes of 6 m diameter will be used.