Russia is switching to “smart” utility meters

Russia is switching to “smart” utility meters
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Over the next six years, “smart” utility accounting systems are planned to be introduced in Russia, Interfax news agency reports on Friday with reference to the press office of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities.

This is about technologically advanced systems such as online data transfer. The new technologies will be introduced within the “Smart City” project, in gradual mode, within five to six years. According to the press office, the project is aimed at the improvement of the quality of housing and public utility services. It is noted that the advanced technologies exploited in the project combine both Russian and international experiences in this area.

Deputy Head of the Construction Ministry, Andrey Chibis, has emphasized that a priority task during the project’s implementation is to improve the utility accounting systems. Thus, the Ministry will get an accurate picture of consumption of services and their quality, as well as will be able to promptly respond to emergency situations.

Largely, the installation of “smart” utility meters will be funded through programs of housing and utility enterprises.