Enel to build a wind farm in India with a capacity of 285MW

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Enel to build a wind farm in India with a capacity of 285MW
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BLP Energy, which is affiliated with the Italian Enel, was granted the right to conclude a 25-year deal on the supply of electricity and the realization of a project for building a wind park with a capacity of 285MW in India.

As stated by Enel company, the wind park will be erected in the Indian state of Gujarat. As it became known, Enel is going to invest over $290 million in the project. The company has received the right to exercise the project within the 4th tranche of a tender for building wind power generation facilities with an aggregate capacity of 2GW. The tender was held by the state-owned company Solar Energy Corporation of India.

The wind park is scheduled to be put in operation in the second half of the 2019 year. This facility will be capable of generating more than 1 TWh of electricity annually, which will help meet India's demand for new generation capacities and achieve environmental goals.

The Indian authorities have set themselves a goal of increasing the share of solar generation up to 100GW by 2022, and the wind power — up to 60GW. At the moment, the capacity of solar generation facilities in India is about 20 GW, while the wind power amounts to 33GW.