Construction of Africa’s tallest building starts in Nairobi

Construction of Africa’s tallest building starts in Nairobi
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In Nairobi, builders have embarked on building activities at the site of a future mixed-use complex consisting of two towers, which will become the tallest building in Africa.

The facility is being built in the downtown of the capital city of Kenya. The completion of both concrete towers is scheduled for December 2019. The taller one — a 320-meter building — will provide office spaces, whereas the adjacent one — a 201-meter tower — will be used for Hilton hotel and luxury apartments.

In addition to the usual commercial infrastructure, a “gaming zone” and a helipad will be set up there, with the latter allowing the hotel guests to avoid inconveniences associated with traffic congestion in Nairobi streets.

The project is being implemented by Hass Petroleum and the White Lotus Group for a relatively modest price of $200 million, GCR notes. The reason for such a low cost of building high-rises in many ways was a protracted bidding process.