Russia’s EU envoy unveils why Denmark is no obstacle to Nord Stream 2

Russia’s EU envoy unveils why Denmark is no obstacle to Nord Stream 2
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The Nord Stream 2 project for the construction of a pipeline from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea is moving forward, New Europe reports.

Almost all the necessary environmental documentation has already been obtained: to date, Germany, Finland and Sweden have granted permits for the construction and operation of the planned pipeline. Now it is Denmark’s turn to issue a permit but Copenhagen holds off.

Russia's permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said in an interview with New Europe that he was confident in a successful implementation of the project, despite opposition from some countries of Central Europe and the Baltic States.

Nord Stream 2 will directly connect Gazprom and its European consumers, ensuring reliable deliveries of Russian gas to Europe. This is especially important now when there is a decline in gas production in Europe as well as a growing demand for imported blue fuel.

“Actually, quite recently, Sweden gave the green light. So there is actually one country remaining, which is Denmark. But Denmark can be physically circumvented. This could, perhaps, result in an increase in the cost and possibly in the timing, but this is something that does not constitute an insurmountable obstacle”, Chizhov pointed out.

As for the amendment to the European Gas Directive aimed at halting the construction of the Nord Stream 2, Russia’s EU envoy asserted that there was no consensus in the European Commission on the matter.