345-meter skyscraper Neva Towers to be built in Moscow by 2020

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345-meter skyscraper Neva Towers to be built in Moscow by 2020
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Construction period of Neva Towers high-rise building, located in the Moscow City business center, has been extended for two years, Moscow authorities told reporters on Monday.

According to the report, the corresponding decision was made by the Town Planning and Land Commission, which agreed to extend the construction period until the end of 2020.

We should remind you that the matter concerns an investment project for the construction of a mixed-use complex, the area of which will amount to 357,000 square meters. The facility construction site is located at the address: MIBC Moscow City, section N17-18.
Earlier, a 612-meter tower Russia was to be built on this plot of land upon the project of the famous architect Norman Foster. When put in operation, the skyscraper would have become the tallest building in Europe. However, due to financial difficulties, the project was suspended, and the rights to a part of the land plot were transferred to the Turkish company, which is building today the Neva Towers complex. According to the new project, this skyscraper will not be so ambitious and is going to be much lower — 345 meters high.