Urgent U.N. Security Council meeting held on North Korea sanctions violations

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Urgent U.N. Security Council meeting held on North Korea sanctions violations
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An urgent meeting of the UN Security Council was convened today at the initiative of the United States, with the issue of violation of the sanctions against North Korea being on the agenda, NBC News reports.

Earlier, the United States' ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that Russia allegedly exerted pressure on US experts with the purpose of altering the report, which refers to violations of the sanctions imposed on the DPRK, NBC News reported. Contrary to attempts made by the US to continue to exert pressure on North Korea in order to force it to abandon the nuclear program, Washington loses the support of its key allies — Russia and China.

Sanctions violations are said to affect various areas — from an increased supply of coal to the resumption of construction projects, according to the U.S. President’s administration. As previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, more than 200 Chinese-North Korean joint ventures were established, which is prohibited by last year's UN Security Council resolution. According to the US Treasury Department, these companies are engaged primarily in software development and construction.

The newspaper claims that according to the prepared U.N. report, Pyongyang — often with the help of people in Russia and China — managed to avoid the imposed restrictions, as a result of which the latest US sanctions proved ineffective. All this is happening against the backdrop of Washington's attempts to isolate North Korea, including the energy supplies interruption and the reduction in export revenues.

China and Russia reject the US accusations of incomplete sanctions compliance, while Pyongyang disputes the legality of the restrictions imposed on the country.