Direct railroad route to connect Berlin and St. Petersburg

Direct railroad route to connect Berlin and St. Petersburg
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A direct railroad route is planned to be established between the German city of Berlin and the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

This was reported by Izvestia newspaper, which cites its source in German Transport Ministry. The Russian Railways company has also confirmed this information.

The new route will pass through the Russian city of Kaliningrad. However, it will not have to be rebuilt, since the existing rail lines located in the territory of Poland and the Baltic countries will be used.

Some experts believe that the emergence of a direct railroad route with Germany will attract tourists to Russia. Others expect high demand for the new direction and a significant inflow of investments into Germany. In addition, the new route will halve the way between St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

At present, there is no direct railroad route between St. Petersburg and Berlin. Passengers have to make a two-hour transfer in Moscow and spend 32 hours in travel. A similar situation is observed regarding traveling between the capital city of Germany and Kaliningrad, with two transfers required.