The group of companies “VENTAL” took part in the project “UZK Lukoil-Nizhny Novgorodnefteorgsintez” as the main supplier of metal structures

The group of companies “VENTAL” took part in the project “UZK Lukoil-Nizhny Novgorodnefteorgsintez” as the main supplier of metal structures
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GK “Vental” provided about 2,000 tons of metal structures for the construction of oil residue facilities complex processing on oil refinery in Nizhny Novgorod. Deliveries were made as a part of the LUCOIL project implementation on behalf of the largest Chinese construction company CC7 (China National Chemical Engineering No.7 Construction).

Construction of UZK “Lukoil” in Kstov Nizhny Novgorod region has become the second joint project of the leading Russian metal structures producer “VENTAL” and CC7. Previously, the companies successfully collaborated on a project to modernize the Afip Refinery. During the work period the partners developed relationship of trust based on the contractor’s confidence regarding the quality of manufactured products and terms for fulfilment of the order by the manufacturer. It paved the way for further joint work, therefore China National Chemical Engineering Corporation 7 (CC7) without a doubt chose “VENTAL” as a supplier of metal structures for another major project on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“VENTTAL”: our main goal was to complete the project in the best possible quality and in the most precise time

All resources and production areas of the group “VENTAL” were involved in the production of the order. The contract holder in the project “UZK Lukoil” is LLC “Vental-Don”, therefore the main volume was produced on the Rostov site. Part of the order was transferred to LLC “Ventall” (Obninsk) and LLC “Di Ferro” (Tula) in order to meet the needs of the mounting organization in a timely and complete manner. If the time limit did not allow to place the necessary metal product in the rental at the metallurgical combine due to its high load, an equivalent replacement was agreed with the customer. For example, the rolled I-beam has been replaced in some cases with a welded equivalent fully compliant with the regulatory documentation and design specifications. The manufacturer completed all the necessary product tests, the results of which were fully satisfactory to the contractor.

«Refinery facilities have higher requirements for the quality of metal structures. If we offer alternative solutions, the customer can be sure that all differences from the original project will necessarily be agreed with its developers» - noted Evgenia Pushkarskaya, the sales director of “VENTAL”.

Other services were provided during the work on the manufacturer’s order. In addition to the metal structure manufacturing site “VENTAL” all the main production areas were involved: milling machines, bending equipment, etc. The manufacturer also took over the coating work for metal structures to ensure the high quality of the finished product. Due to the specific nature of almost all oil and gas industry projects, constructions must have a complex three-layer coating, which requires careful preparation of the surface to the degree Sa2,5.

The development of CMD drawings has become an interesting experience for “VENTAL” specialists. The contractor CC7 did not have enough time to process them in sufficient quantities to ensure the continuity of the installation. The Chinese company turned to the manufacturer for help, being aware of the huge experience of the employees of “Vental-Don” Ltd in 3-d models development and designing as well as drawings of CMD in the oil and gas industry with the help of Tekla structures software. After estimating the workload of the design bureau, the manufacturer chose necessary specialists to carry out this work. The designers had to overcome several language and time barriers to get the necessary information: first they had to send a request to the Chinese partners, from there he went to Holland to the developer of the CM and returned with the answer the same long way. Despite this, all the drawings were handed over to the contractor in perfect quality and on time.

Acquired experience of working with foreign partner - another step in development of GC “Vental”

The work on the project “UZK LUKOIL-Nizhny Novgorodnefteorgsintez” is coming to an end, The commissioning of the complex was planned for 2021, and the contractor met the deadlines, thanks to the “VENTAL” company as well. Today a small number of secondary structures remain to be delivered. The partners were also asked to make a small transformer substation building and put it together with the remaining structures. The work will be completed in August.

Building UZK LUKOIL is a huge project. And we are glad to have been directly involved. Despite certain difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic, “VENTAL” has fully fulfilled its obligations to the contractor, and the contractor to us. We hope we will work together with CC7 in the next major project» - Evgenia Pushkarskaya, GK «VENTAL».


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