The Ruukki Company’s prospects on the Russian market

The Ruukki Company’s prospects on the Russian market
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Construction metal structures deliverer The Ruukki Company presented its new products and its development strategy for the close future in Moscow on September 10th.

Talking to journalists at the briefing, Ruukki Company sales director Oleg Zuenko remarked that the Russian market for metal has great potential. Russia takes first place in the world for imports and fifth for exports. In 2014 the company produced 54,800 tons of metal construction structures and it will continue to enhance production capacity this year.
Ruukki actively supports the program of import replacement, expanding local production and implementing industrially and socially significant projects. The volume of Ruukki production in Russia in 2015 is 65%. By 2016 this figure is expected to reach 78%. In September, a third line for metal tile roofing production will be opened. The planned capacity of the new production line is 1m m2 a year.