The question of pricing in the construction industry has been discussed in Moscow

The question of pricing in the construction industry has been discussed in Moscow
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Questions about pricing and typical systems of engineering in the area of construction were discussed on March 24th at the round table organized by the Russian Popular Front.

The press service of the Ministry of Construction and Utilities of the Russian Federation has reported to that the Deputy Minister of construction, Yuri Reylyan, and Natalia Antipina participated in the discussion. According to Yuri Reylyan, in 2014 the Ministry of Construction approved Russian standard rates of construction pricing for different types of objects of capital construction of non-industrial and engineering infrastructure.

These guidelines are intended for the pricing of investment planning.

These standard rates are for planning investment, the evaluation of the effectiveness of funds allocated for capital investments, and the preparation of technical and economic parameters for the design of educational facilities, the construction of which will be financed with funds from the federal budget.

Thus the customer, in the planning of the budget and determining the initial (maximum) contract price for the procurement, will be limited in the cost of construction, calculated on the basis of consolidated standards of construction prices. Yuri Reylyan noted that the decrease in the average cost of building pre-school educational institutions may also be affected by forming a registry-standard design document.

The registry includes information on projects for residential and office buildings and public facilities, the preparation of which will feature modern technological and organizational solutions. The Russian Ministry of Construction has approved the plan for forming a system of standard design in the construction sector, which aims to create the conditions for a standard methodology for project documentation and project documentation re-use.

"According to the plan, the Ministry of Construction of Russia will continue work to build and maintain the appropriate registry. Currently, the registry includes information about project documentation for 92 capital construction objects, among them 50 kindergartens." said Reylyan.

He pointed out that the main problem for inclusion of projects in the registry is an absence in the regions of exclusive rights on project documentation.

To solve this problem, as well as minimize the cost of documentation re-use developed for the account or with the assistance of the federal and regional budgets, an idea has been proposed to supplement the 44th Law with possibilities of multiple-use project documentation without the consent of the contractor (the author of a work of architecture or town planning, the author of project documentation), as well as the transfer of exclusive rights to create project documentation to the Russian Federation or a municipality, on behalf of the state or municipal customer.

“The completion of the actions provided by the plan of formation of the system of standard design in the sphere of construction is to be finished by 2016." said Yury Reylyan.