At the “Vostochny” cosmodrome, the number of objects has been reduced to eleven

At the “Vostochny” cosmodrome, the number of objects has been reduced to eleven
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This was reported to on April 23rd by the press service of the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Russia by the first deputy minister of Construction and Chairman of the Interdepartmental Commission on the coordination of works on construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, Leonid Stavitsky, at a department meeting. According to him, this is to ensure the launching of the carrier rocket in the pre-established timeframe.We remind you that the number of objects was originally 12. According to reports from the Federal Agency for Special Construction, the readiness of the technical complexes is 74% (behind schedule by more than 60 days) and the delivery schedules and installation of equipment haven’t been carried out. Serious risks remain over objects with external engineering networks, according to the scheme, including the power supply and water supply.As reported at the meeting, the issue of conditions of advance payments to the general contractor is already resolved. According to the deputy minister, he will receive additional funds and has to increase the number of workers on the site. So far, a little over 3 thousand people are still working on the site though the requirement is 10 thousand - or, taking into account the 60 days that the project is behind schedule, 16 thousand.Moreover, Leonid Stavitsky demanded that the Federal Agency for Special Construction resolve immediately the difficult situation regarding the payments of salaries to workers.