3 new tram lines for Moscow

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3 new tram lines for Moscow
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Three new tram lines of 31.8 km will be built in Moscow by 2018, it was reported today by the Moscow press service. Construction of the 8.2 km line for a high-speed tram from 3rd Vladimirskaya Street to the area of Ivanovskoye and the 23.6 km line with high-speed trams from "Prazhskoy" metro station to the western "Biryulevo" station and the northern part of East "Biryulevo" lines is planned for 2016-2018, and development of the project will end in the fourth quarter.
Moreover, financing of the development of the projected line from the "Lianozovo" platform to various metro stations will be provided by the end of 2016. Its construction will be carried out in 2017-2018.