Sergei Sobyanin toasts the Moscow Metro on its 80th anniversary

Sergei Sobyanin toasts the Moscow Metro on its 80th anniversary
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On May 15th, Sergei Sobyanin heartily congratulated representatives of 50 thousand workers of the Moscow Metro on its 80th anniversary. As our special play-by-play correspondent, Yury Kipin, reports, Mayor Sobyanin said that the Moscow Metro is one of the busiest in the world, though it is inferior to the Chinese regarding the length of lines. Every day it carries up to 8.5m people, which is more than in Beijing (8.0m per weekday). 146m passengers have been carried by the trains of the Moscow Metro over 80 years. The decoration of its stations is outstanding: 44 (of 196) stations are monuments of architecture. Moscow’s Deputy Mayor of transport, Maxim Liksutov, recalled in his report that the construction of the Metro didn’t stop even during World War II. In 2011-2014, 31 km of new lines were put into operation, 16 new stations were opened, and 21 car parks for 7 thousand vehicles were built near the stations. According to Maxim Liksutov, the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya is currently the longest line (44 km), the busiest station is Komsomolskaya (with three railway stations nearby), and the longest elevator (126 m) is at the station of Park Pobedy. The largest number of passengers (9.6 million a day) were carried on December25th 2014 because of both heavy snowfall and Christmas Eve. Many exhibitions dedicated to the Moscow Metro development were organised by the capital’s authorities. Voices of famous theatre and cinema actors, journalists, film directors and singers were recorded for the Metro announcements. Thus, one may hear congratulations by Nikita Mikhalkov while travelling on the Ring line. Those who contributed did this as a present for the anniversary.