Austrian Business in Belarus

Austrian Business in Belarus
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Minsk. Our special correspondent in Belarus, Pavel Chernenko. Austrian business is showing interest in further investments in Belarus, it was reported on May 4th by the federal minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria, Sebastian Kurz. 

According to him, Austria was and will remain the largest investor in the Belarusian economy. Currently in Belarus there are four large investment projects with Austrian participation for a total amount of over $400 million being realized, specifically projects in the sphere of the woodworking and chemical industries, a system of charging for the use of highways and the production of construction materials. Last year, nearly $530 million of Austrian investments flowed into the republic, about $195 million are attracted – directly from Austria.

In Belarus, 128 enterprises set up with Austrian capital have been registered."I think with the change of the economic situation in Europe, we will see improvements and positive developments in our bilateral trade," said Sebastian Kurtz in conclusion.