Nigeria – to Rosatom: “construct, own, operate”

Nigeria – to Rosatom: “construct, own, operate”
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Nigeria is looking forward to Rosatom’s starting the construction of NPP in the country in September, 2016.

Ibrahim Usman Gafai, ? 2 of the Nigerian legation in Moscow, talked about it in his interview with Sputnik. As he said, a nuclear power plant(NPP) will be constructed in the state of Kogi in the center of the country. If everything goes as it is planned, the first nuclear power unit with the capacity of 1,200 MWt will be put into operation by 2016. Rosatom will have an active interest in the project.
Correspondingly, the NPP construction and further operation will be at the expense of Rosatom finance. Rosatom will be the owner and operator of the object.