What happens at 2017 Windoor exhibition in China

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What happens at 2017 Windoor exhibition in China
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Today is the last day of 2017 Windoor exhibition, the event, which is held annually in Guangzhou, a city in southern China, since the year 1994.

As our special correspondent, Olga Evoyan, reports from the ground, this year the event was held at a huge four-storey exhibition centre, Poly World Trade Centre, with a total area of 86 000 sq. m. In addition to spacious exhibition halls, it includes a complex of hotels and business centers with developed infrastructure.

540 Chinese companies and 22 joint ventures with headquarters in Germany, Italy, Switzerland take part in the event.

Within the framework of 2017 Windoor exhibition, there have been a number of conferences, a forum on contemporary architecture, session on the subject of new technologies in the field of glass and sliding walls, as well as an event dedicated to modular construction.

Apart from that, several technical visits to factories producing aluminium profiles have been arranged. Also, a ceremony awarding the companies, which presented innovative technologies in the field of window profiles and insulation, was held.

In the categories of energy efficiency, design and quality, market prospects etc, prizes of Quality innovation award were given out to 5 companies.

As a Vice President of the European-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Cheng, put it, China produces a lot of different products and in large volumes, but they are of low quality, and now the country aims to bring products’ quality to the world level.

Over the course of the exhibition, the event has been visited by about 100,000 people.