Why export of Finnish building materials to Russia reduced

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Why export of Finnish building materials to Russia reduced
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In recent years, exports of Ruukki Construction’s products to Russia has decreased, but it happened due to the fact that the group opened its own enterprises on the territory of the country.

This is what the Director of Ruukki plant, Timo Hovila, told Russian journalists on April 25, over the course of a press tour of Russian journalists to the Finnish province of Vimpeli.

“Basically, we sell our products at home and in the countries of Northern Europe, but there are orders from Russia. Usually it's quite a large supplies for the construction of a sort of a grand building”, - he stressed. As our special correspondent, Yevgeny Gorchakov, reported from the ground, Vimpeli plant was established in 1961 by local businessman Paavo Rannila, while Ruukki bought it out in 1991.

The plant produces metal roofing, gutters, roofing materials, load-bearing sheets, façade profiles, etc. The enterprise employs only 70 people, because all processes are automated. All employees are local residents committed to their enterprise, in particular, because it is not easy to find a job in Vimpeli.