PAROBARIER TECHNONICOL strengthens its position in New Zealand’s construction market

PAROBARIER TECHNONICOL strengthens its position in New Zealand’s construction market
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A new batch of polymer-bitumen membrane PAROBARIER has been shipped to one of the major developers of New Zealand.

TECHNONICOL Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of reliable and efficient construction materials and systems started cooperation with such a remote island region of the southern hemisphere in 2016, with the focus on business development in remote and complex regions of Southeast Asia, India and China, New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand is the 81st country where the company's products are in demand now.

In the first year alone, the construction company of New Zealand has bought 100,000 meters of modern vapor barrier material PAROBARIER developed by specialists at TECHNONICOL scientific and technical center. While the quantity of shipments has been increasing every year. In addition, other materials of the company, such as rock wool, PIR, PVC and TPO membranes, have been added to the supply profile.

Over the past year, customers have visited the production sites of TECHNONICOL in Russia and Italy (IMPER ITALIA S.p.A., which has been part of the Corporation since 2014). During the visit, the guests expressed their appreciation for the high-tech production of modern and reliable construction materials and the full automation of the process, which solidified their belief that the right choice had been made. We should note that there is no production of hydro and heat insulation materials in the territory of New Zealand, therefore developers purchase them primarily in Europe, and now in Russia.

Polymer-bitumen membrane PAROBARIER is applied in New Zealand to the roofing systems of warehouse, industrial and public buildings, as well as to large status objects.

As Tatyana Antropova, the head of the CFO Industrial and Civil Construction of the SBE Bitumen Membranes at TECHNONICOL, said: “Local investors and builders are attracted by the quality, competitive price, convenience and speed of installation of the material, achieved due to the presence of a self-adhesive layer and, most importantly, the membrane ruggedness. New Zealand is an earthquake-prone region, with especially tight standards applicable to construction materials that are used. Membrane PAROBARIER has all the required certificates of the island state and proves in practice its advantages on construction sites of this remote and very picturesque country on the southern margin of the Pacific Ocean”.

Today the company seeks to dig in its position not just in New Zealand. Currently, negotiations are underway with developers of the neighboring continent — Australia, who are also interested in the advantages of the products of TECHNONICOL international corporation.