Construction industry enterprises survived the quarantine in Moscow best of all

Construction industry enterprises survived the quarantine in Moscow best of all
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The urban economy has practically recovered now

The period of quarantine measures and a pandemic in Moscow was best experienced by enterprises in the construction industry, security and management structures, and the telecom sector. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Efimov. As a reminder, he heads the Council for Strategic Development and Implementation of National Projects.

According to the official, the most sustainable industries and leading enterprises that have managed to grow in a pandemic were determined by the council. The identified "top three industries" managed to exceed the pre-crisis indicators, using the pandemic period as an additional stimulus for development.

“The construction industry, including real estate operations, managed to survive the period of turbulence best of all. As we understand, this has provided significant support to a number of related industries,” said Efimov.

The second place was taken by security and management, and the activity in the field of telecommunications, information and communications closes the top three: self-isolation had a powerful stimulating effect on all types of online services and delivery services, which significantly increased the demand for telecommunications and communications services.

Now the city economy has practically recovered, and there is no longer a need for an anti-crisis headquarters. Therefore, the headquarters will continue to work in the format of a council for strategic development and implementation of national projects, which will preserve the dialogue between the authorities, business and the expert community for joint decisions in the formation of a new long-term concept of economic development of the metropolis.