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11:48 27-04-2017
Slovenian investors set to build greenhouses, sports centers in Russia
10:58 27-04-2017
Huge Leroy Merlin store to be built in Russian city of Perm
10:40 27-04-2017
R-Pharm and Fujifilm to set up joint production of dietary supplements
10:19 27-04-2017
Xiaomi intends to open up to 20 new shops in Russian cities
09:53 27-04-2017
Gazprom considers gas production on shelf of Thailand and Cambodia
17:53 26-04-2017
Austrian authorities suspect Airbus CEO of $2-billion fraud
17:36 26-04-2017
Kamchatka’s priority development area to draw over $230m in investment
17:07 26-04-2017
NASA invents inflatable greenhouse for Mars and Moon
16:49 26-04-2017
Russian TVEL to supply fuel to Chinese companies for $1bn
16:29 26-04-2017
USA might start to export coal to Ukraine
16:16 26-04-2017
Gazprom plans to increase gas reserves by 469,9 bcm
16:01 26-04-2017
Construction of Eugal gas pipeline to begin next year
15:45 26-04-2017
Housing in Russia to become more expensive by 10-20%
15:06 26-04-2017
Japan studies Russian proposals to cooperate on Kuril Islands
14:53 26-04-2017
South Africa’s court cancels deal with Russia on NPP building
14:34 26-04-2017
Hungary to take part in Congress Hall construction for BRICS summit
13:41 26-04-2017
New entity for Islamic banking to be set up in Tatarstan
13:15 26-04-2017
Canada pledges to protect its domestic producers
12:57 26-04-2017
Rosnano to sign contract with Finns over wind farms building
11:24 26-04-2017
Russia reaches agreement with Boeing over Sea Launch program
10:33 26-04-2017
Russian escalator market might become world’s largest
09:42 26-04-2017
Chinese develop transport projects in Russian region of Leningrad
17:58 25-04-2017
Sales of new buildings in USA see 6% growth
17:49 25-04-2017
Moscow begins testing of Finnish electric bus of future
17:38 25-04-2017
Russia and Qatar consider joint projects worth $12 billion
17:07 25-04-2017
Why BIM technologies so popular in Finland
16:36 25-04-2017
French Minister pushes for sanctions against LafargeHolcim
16:03 25-04-2017
Russia plans to supply electricity to Ukraine’s breakaway region of Lugansk
15:47 25-04-2017
Chinese to build three metro stations in Moscow
14:33 25-04-2017
Tatarstan reduces cost of road construction, applying BIM technology
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Michael van Harmelen (Plascon): It is time to start doing business in Russia

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Michael van Harmelen (Plascon): It is time to start doing business in Russia

Top-manager of a worldwide famous producer of paintwork materials speaks on the prospects of work on the Russian market and prognoses the colour fashion for 2017

Michael van Harmelen, Executive Channel Marketing of the Plascon Company (SAR), an affiliate of Kansai Paint (Japan), answers questions from our journal. 

Michael van Harmelen (Plascon): It is time to start doing business in Russia


— Mr Harmelen, the Kansai Paint Company has opened an office and showroom in Russia, at a time when the crisis is in full swing. What is the company aiming for in Russia? Are you not afraid of the rouble's volatility?

Kansai has invested in many countries around the world and some of these countries have had to deal with currency volatility. This is not uncommon in many emerging markets. Kansai Paint evaluates the current and future growth potential of the country and not just the particular situation the country is in at that moment. It is important to look into long-term investments.

As a global company, Kansai Paint utilizes knowledge, skills and wisdom from Japan, India, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East to ensure that every product we make benefits from this global platform. Now we are entering the Russian market with decorative coatings to complement our existing Automotive Coatings business.

— What instruments are you going to use to promote your products in Russia?

—​ First of all, the opening of the showroom is critical for our entry into the Russian market. Here we have colour consultants who will help in choosing the colours, which is very important. You know, colour has a powerful effect on the human spirit. It can uplift us, energize us, inspire or calm us. Colour plays a crucial role when it comes to our paint choices, so we have special colour tools in the show-room. Besides this, we have a visualizer application, which is available for Android and Apple. We have a magazine based on global colour trends, which we publish three or four times a year, and the Kansai Global Colour forecast.

—​ What is your intended audience here, in Russia?

—​ We intend to sell premium class paint here, so I think it is aimed at people with high incomes, both contractors and consumers, homeowners and commercial asset owners.

Are you not afraid of Russian and other foreign rivalry? There are many companies producing and trading paints on the Russian market.

—​ You know, Kansai Paint is the market leader in Japan and a top 10 global player. We compete round the world, so we are aware of our competitors, and we respect them. But we do believe that we have unique products to offer which will find success in the Russian market. Research and Development is very important at Kansai. We have over 500 chemists employed at our factories, and annual investment totals more than $50 m for Research and Development. This includes a state-of-the-art decorative coatings development centre in Johannesburg and the Research Centre at Stellenbosch University, where you’ll find teams of highly qualified scientists with over 120 years of combined paint development experience. This investment allows us to bring world class coating solutions to markets all over the world.

— What are the competitive advantages of your products? Why are you sure that your products will be in-demand in the current low-value rouble conditions?

—​ As I have already mentioned, global insight is doubtless a competitive advantage — we do not look at one market or trend, but we do so globally. And we can bring the best possible solutions to the Russian market.

Our strength is in colour solutions delivered to the market through premium products. We have tested our products against those available in Russia, and ours performed exceptionally well. Besides this, our specialists predict the colour trends of the year, and they know both what colour is in fashion and how to set fashions in colour. And we even launch colour forecasts – for facades, interior finishing, fabrics, etc.

As for the low rouble, we are looking long-term. I am sure the Russian economy will pass through this difficult period. We had the same thing in South Africa, with very low growth, but our brand is still strong. And we are not here for one or two years, we are here for the long term.

—​ Does that mean that your company is sure that it is the time to come onto the Russian market? And as far as I know, Russia is the first European country your company is entering.

—​ Yes, I think so. Of course, it is easier to enter a market when it’s doing well. But it is a good opportunity for us to get started here, for our brand to become known in Russia. And as soon as the economy starts growing, we will already be here — we have the infrastructure and the teams of employees to support the Russian market. We are starting in Moscow, and we’ll continue step by step. I am sure as soon as we start growing here we will invest more into the business in Russia.

—​ What attention does your company pay to the environmental friendliness of your production? Paint is an a priori aggressive product regarding its impact upon the environment…

—​ Sustainability is critically important for our company. We are very committed to water recycling at our factories. Environmental responsibility is our credo, and we have many experienced scientists doing research on paint composition. We produce paint that can make a positive impact on the environment: paints that can protect people from mosquitoes, reduce the interior temperature during summer, ensure protection for the sick from viruses and bacteria in hospitals, and even cleanse the air that we breathe.

—​ And the last question. I think our readers will be interested to know what colour will be trendy in 2017 - how would you advise us to decorate our houses?

—​ Have a look at our New Colour Forecast for 2017. Personally, I think greys will remain popular, and they are featured in the “Anonymous” theme in the Forecast.


Maria Starostina, Olga Evoyan

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