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Alexey Komov: the chief architect in the Crimea is an extreme sport
16-09-2018, 20:01
The Crimea is far from being solely a seasonal resort, as many people on the mainland might think. There are people living here! Residents of the Peninsula, like inhabitants of any other region, need a convenient infrastructure, modern comfort, reasonable town-planning solutions. Apart from that, the Crimea has a unique environment, both natural and cultural, which urgently needs protection. Challenges that the Crimean towns have to deal with today was the topic of our conversation with a former chief architect and now an adviser to the head of Evpatoria administration, a founder of the Urbotech scientific and educational center at the Sevastopol State University, and a member of the Board of the Russian Union of Architects, Alexey Komov.
Knowledge is light! If not — put on an orange builders' vest at first light
5-08-2018, 22:31
Aiming to talk about the training of young specialists, we have visited Omsk, the city where a famous talent foundry for the road building industry is located — Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy or SibADI. The dean of the Faculty of Highway Transportation Facilities and Bridges, Maxim Perfiliev, readily agreed to speak about the current state of industry-specific education.
How to enhance the credibility of construction cost estimates?
17-07-2018, 15:08
Today, the industry has faced the necessity to shift toward a new model for evaluating construction cost estimates. The implementation date has been determined — October 1, 2018. This innovation has become the subject of intense discussion by all market actors.
Counterfeit and fake at the construction site: wrongly accused
15-06-2018, 05:11
In late May, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation brought together law enforcement and public officials, as well as supervisory authorities and businessmen so as to discuss the current situation in the area of the circulation in poor-quality and counterfeit building materials.
Territory renovation may turn into a conflict zone
28-10-2016, 09:00
A new source of tension connected with the renovation of built-up territories has come about in Russia. Many citizens are displeased with the way the authorities and developers are conducting it.
Mikhail Menn: it is too early to strike a balance
29-07-2016, 09:34
The RF State Duma has adopted many laws concerning the construction industry. Will they be of any use? Recently the 6th State Duma completed its work. It adopted a series of important documents regulating the construction industry. The Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, summed up the results of the legislative cycle and spoke to journalists on how the adopted documents will influence the construction complex and the real estate market.