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Reconstruction architect Alexey Krotov: It is time to leave humans' nests
6-09-2018, 04:33
A project for Moscow housing stock renovation envisages the demolition of obsolete five-story buildings and construction of new high-rises in their place. However, there is another solution — to reconstruct Khrushchev's five-story housing stock. This is what a Moscow architect Alexey Krotov is engaged in now. To find out details about his method, we have met in a reconstructed five-story building on Khimkinskiy Boulevard, where Alexey Vladimirovich lives.
“Light” European classics: stylization or rethinking
25-06-2018, 04:43
Today, classics in its pure form exists perhaps only in museums. But here comes the paradox, the classics alone pervades almost any modern interior. As it turns out, one cannot get along in the world without that. It serves as a basis, it is argued, it is rethought. It is always around: as a benchmark, occasion for discussion, basis for creating something fundamentally new.