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The iron age of architecture: the past or the future?
24-09-2018, 23:15
It is generally believed that only sports structures, parking spaces, warehouses, industrial workshops, and, probably, large malls can be built of steel. While for housing, the metal is unfitted. Actually, it is not the case.
Dispersed concrete — old new composite
17-06-2018, 23:22
In the 1970s, research and testing were carried out in Moscow on the development of modified concrete and, at the same time, improving the ecology at plants for concrete products and reinforced concrete structures of The Moscow Capital Construction Department (Mosstroikomitet). After a thorough study of foreign experience in using metal and glass shavings for reinforced products, a material was discovered and tested, which does not react with cement alkalis and does not cause corrosion in products, and most importantly, it is durable in a severe Russian climate. Domestic experience in using dispersed concrete for reinforced concrete products was implemented at the construction of a bridge in Germany — 30 years later.
Construction sealants: China is ahead, where is Russia?
15-06-2017, 14:07
The Waker company, a leading distributor of siloxanes, used as primary materials for producing silicon construction sealants and glues, has announced an increase of prices for their production by 10—20%. It is therefore logical that the market is expected to increase the prices for all goods containing siloxanes.