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Turkish Stream: fresh architectural ideas appeared from where they were not expected
2-12-2019, 11:31
The name of Turkish architect Melike Altınışık may be not so much popular. But there are all backgrounds to correct this unfair thing in the nearest future.  Melike like famous Zaha Hadid is a representative of the “oriental wing” of modern architecture. She is young, energetic and creative. Her creado is intellectual construction. Her new materials invented in her own architectural bureau are printed on 3D-printer, she designs her projects only with the full cycle infirmational simulation, and is ready to “employ” robots as assemblers for one of her projects by writing a special program. So, Melike may be actually called an architect of the XXI century,  not just keeping up with the times, but seems to be one step ahead of it.
Match Point: just one step to victory
26-08-2019, 07:30
Buildings of different height of the Match Point Multifunctional compound are well seen from Kutuzovsky avenue. The modern apart-complex being erected by the largest Moscow developer, Gals-Development, will be soon put in operation: the project is planned to be be completed in the forth quarter of 2019. Since the very beginning the object has been considered one of the most outstanding buildings over the past five years. And it is not by chance.
The Soviet classics: design as education
26-08-2018, 23:48
We continue with the topic of Soviet classics, which we started to consider in a piece titled “What the deceased empire’s architecture is singing about”. In the first part, we talked about the architecture of the 1940s-1950s, which is commonly referred to as Stalin’s architecture. Today we will try to understand what the public and private spaces of that time were like. Our interlocutor is the architectural historian, the docent at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE), and the secretary-general of DOCOMOMO Russia, Nikolay Vasiliev.
What the deceased empire’s architecture is singing about
22-07-2018, 21:04
The Soviet architecture of the 1940s and 1950s, built in accordance with the classical canons, is back in fashion today. But here comes the paradox, it is popular again with an academician and architectural historian as well as with an ordinary passer-by. What is the appeal of the classics for today’s people? And why do we, after periods of the “hard” avant-garde, come back to it time and again? We have talked about all this with the architectural historian, the docent at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE), and the secretary-general of DOCOMOMO Russia, Nikolay Vasiliev.
The Lakhta Center skyscraper: it is no business of mine...
7-05-2018, 00:07
Just recently, a unique operation was carried out — the installation of a spire on the Lakhta Center tower under construction in St. Petersburg. Thus, the skyscraper has become the tallest building in Europe. Who built this skyscraper? What advanced technologies have been? And, most importantly, why?
An architect’s task is to combine traditional and modern achievements
4-04-2017, 09:35
Architect Sergei CHOBAN is well known both in Russia and in Western Europe: he builds a lot in Berlin where he has his own bureau. Each of his new projects is a discovery of new forms, images and approaches.  He likes to experiment with the newest technologies (e.g., AquaDom in Berlin). First and foremost, however, he is an artist. Benua’s distinguished images, a silk-screen decoration inspired by Roman ornaments and a seasonal photo-print appear on the facades of his houses…   We asked Mr Choban to answer our questions for the journal about the modern mission of an architect, the secrets of architectural mastery and new tools of designing.
The architectural Oscars have moved to Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad
3-12-2015, 10:09
The winners of the ‘architectural Oscars’ were announced recently. Projects from Singapore, Canada, China and Sweden won in the four main categories. A special prize, ‘For the best color decision’, was awarded to the ‘ONS Insec showroom and sales office’ project from Ankara (Turkey). However, as we had expected, Russians also won some awards this year.
A new channel way for the Suez
24-08-2015, 12:24
A new channel way of the old Suez canal was put into operation in Egypt. The opening of the new channel way is of great importance both for Egypt’s economy and for the whole world