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11:24 29-06-2017
Breakaway region of Ukraine plans to sell coal to Turkey and Europe
10:58 29-06-2017
Ukraine signs agreement on accession to Europe’s energy system
10:31 29-06-2017
Ukraine asks NASA to monitor Kerch Bridge construction in Crimea
09:51 29-06-2017
$880m to be allocated to modernization of Moscow’s main airport
18:02 28-06-2017
Rusnano notes high demand among banks for wind farms financing
17:47 28-06-2017
Cyprus to open Europe’s largest casino
17:34 28-06-2017
World’s highest mountain railway to be built in India
17:12 28-06-2017
Japanese Kengo Kuma developed design for eco hotel in Paris
16:45 28-06-2017
Deals reached to build four rubbish recycling plants in Moscow region
16:07 28-06-2017
Chinese CNPC stops exports of diesel fuel and gasoline in North Korea
15:56 28-06-2017
NERC confirms reports of cyber attacks on US nuclear power plants
15:43 28-06-2017
Merger of DuPont and Dow Chemical approved by Canadian regulator
15:19 28-06-2017
Housing prices in UK increased by 1.1 ppt in June
14:54 28-06-2017
New junction to be built on Kavkaz highway in Russian Caucasus
14:08 28-06-2017
13,000-sqm warehouse to be built in Moscow region
12:57 28-06-2017
United States declares gas revolution
12:35 28-06-2017
Korean LS Networks to engage in tourism projects in Russian Far East
12:01 28-06-2017
Perm authorities push for IKEA mall construction in region
11:39 28-06-2017
Business mission from Japan for first time arrives on Kuril Islands
10:27 28-06-2017
South Korean businessmen to build fish processing house in Russia
09:53 28-06-2017
Russian gas giant Gazprom withdraws from Turkish market – media
23:12 27-06-2017
Latvian authorities allocate €700,000 to clean burned landfill
22:31 27-06-2017
Hotel in Toronto to abandon Trump name
21:34 27-06-2017
BASF, Norilsk Nickel to supply raw materials for Europe’s battery production
21:00 27-06-2017
Modern Sports Palace to be built in Kaluga for $64 million
17:57 27-06-2017
EC gets letter from three European countries in support of Nord Stream 2
17:15 27-06-2017
Foreign investment in Russia’s commercial real estate grows due to Asia
16:43 27-06-2017
95 inspected residential high-rises in UK do not meet fire regulations
16:09 27-06-2017
BMW invests $600 million in its plant in USA
15:28 27-06-2017
Lithuania makes first deal on LNG supplies from USA
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«    June 2017    »

Mikhail Menn Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation

Dear friends!

On behalf of the ministry of construction, housing and utilities, I congratulate you on the coming New Year!

There have been a lot of important events in the sphere of construction and utilities. In spite of the hard economic conditions, I’m sure we shall manage to put into operation the planned 75m m2 of housing. Owing to the solutions taken together with the construction community, we were able to support the demand for housing. Every fourth apartment bought last year was purchased within the “Mortgage loan with state support” program. Experts’ negative prognoses on the large-scale downfall of the market have not come true.

President Putin, in his annual message to the RF Federal Assembly, remarked that the construction industry is now in a risky area and it is necessary to support it. We consider this the priority task. We shall continue the work on the alteration of the price formation system in construction, which is to be most objective, and let the state save budget money. In the sphere of housing construction we are planning to help developers with infrastructure. We shall continue to lower administrative barriers in the sphere of construction. In 2015, Russia has risen 37 positions in the Doing Business rating category “Getting permission for construction”.

In 2015, the Ministry of Construction has become the initiator of cardinal changes in the sphere of utilities: managing companies’ certification has been introduced, and concession agreements have started being implemented. The capital repair system has been changed all over the country, and now the ministry is working on the mechanisms of long-term financial sustainability of regional capital repair funds, and their maximum transparency.

I want to stress that all successes achieved in the construction and utilities sphere are our common victory, and owing to ongoing dialogue we have managed to solve many problems.

I heartily congratulate you and your families on the coming New Year! I wish you success, health and energy in your work, and happiness and holiday joy!

Happy New Year!

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