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16:54 28-04-2017
Austrian OMV to purchase additional volumes of gas from Gazprom
16:26 28-04-2017
Rosatom and Slovakia negotiate spent nuclear fuel reprocessing
15:54 28-04-2017
Monument to first President of Vietnam to be erected in Russia
15:35 28-04-2017
Californian scientists push for establishing bricks production on Mars
15:14 28-04-2017
Raven Russia buys from Finns two business centers in St. Petersburg
14:45 28-04-2017
Radiological center to be built in Moscow region
14:19 28-04-2017
Austria invites Putin to mark 50th anniversary of cooperation with Gazprom
13:50 28-04-2017
Russian scientists invent new heavy-duty polymer
13:25 28-04-2017
Son of Russian Prosecutor General to engage in construction in Crimea
12:28 28-04-2017
Russia ready to assist Japan in rebuilding Fukushima NPP, Putin says
12:14 28-04-2017
Hungary built second fence from migrants on Serbia’s border
11:25 28-04-2017
Gazprom to receive permits for Nord Stream 2 by mid-2018
11:03 28-04-2017
Investment in Yamal LNG project reached $23.4 bn
10:47 28-04-2017
Japanese might take part in preparation of Arctic LNG 2 project
10:18 28-04-2017
Russia allocates $1,4bn to support its manufacturing industry
09:59 28-04-2017
RDIF and JBIC determine mechanism of Russian-Japanese Investment Fund
09:41 28-04-2017
World’s largest shipyard to be completed in China soon
17:52 27-04-2017
Russian Rosnano and Finnish Fortum set up $530m wind power fund
17:32 27-04-2017
$2m motorway to be built in Russian city of Volgograd
17:08 27-04-2017
Start of Turkish Stream pipe laying scheduled for this summer
16:52 27-04-2017
$1,4m bridge across Don River to be erected in Russia
16:36 27-04-2017
Innovative medical cluster to be built in Russian North Caucasus
16:20 27-04-2017
Austrian building group Strabag increases its net profit by 55%
16:02 27-04-2017
“Branded” trains to be launched in Moscow region by 2018 World Cup
15:44 27-04-2017
Spaniards prepare reconstruction project for Russia-Georgia’s only road
15:22 27-04-2017
PGNiG files claim against Gazprom over antitrust law violation
14:46 27-04-2017
Chilean becomes first architect to win Gothenburg Prize
14:22 27-04-2017
Uber launches flying taxi by 2020
13:44 27-04-2017
Gazprom files €730m counter-claim against Italian Saipem
12:32 27-04-2017
China allocates over 6bn yuan to building e-vehicle factories
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Will Americans help punish Gref and return Pavlovskgranite to its former owners

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Will Americans help punish Gref and return Pavlovskgranite to its former owners

Artyom Zhavoronkov, Partner of an international law office

As business media report, the PPF Management company registered in Delaware took out an action in the S.D.N.Y. Court, over a claim for compensation of $500m pecuniary and $250m non-pecuniary damage for the loss of control over the largest enterprise producing gravel chippings, Pavlovskgranite. 

Defendants in the case are Sberbank and the Chair of the Board, German Gref, Sberbank Capital and its Director General, Ashot Khachaturiants, and some other legal entities and persons. 

Generally speaking, the story is very simple. In 2008, Sberbank provided credit and was transferred a surety bond in the form of the shares in  the managing company and Pavlovskgranite itself. Because the loan was not repaid in time, Pavlovslgranite’s majority share-holding came to Sberbank Capital. And, actually, that’s the story.

Are such appeals in the American court now becoming a tendency for people who have lost all their cases on the territory of the Russian Federation? Well, I do not think so. This is not the first precedent: in my practice there were cases of such appeals to the courts of France and Great Britain after my clients’ opponents had lost the cases in Russia.

I’d call it an alternative way of court proceedings whereby the help of which one of the parties may wish to reverse the situation for their benefit via the so-called foreign factor. The attempt to proceed with this case in the court of New York is merely a procedural trick. Regarding what it is aimed at, we may speak about two things, I think. 

For one thing, as German Gref put it, it is a way to withdraw from responsibility. Secondly, it is an attempt to raise media hype and to cause publicity against the background of the negative attitude towards Russian institutions being observed in the West on the whole and the USA in particular.  In this sense, like it or not, Sberbank’s “Russian nationality” plays its role. And, of course, there is an attempt to strike the right chord.

According to the media, Mr Gref called the claim initiated against him a fraud. But I cannot agree with him in this part. 

The fact of filing a lawsuit in American court is not a fraud. It is a constitutional right of any legal entity and person to turn to the court of any country if the rights have been considered violated by the individual or party concerned.

As journalists assert, the lawsuit initiated by PPF Management on behalf of their clients, Sergei Poimanov and Irina Podgornaya (who used to be majority shareholders of Pavlovskgranite JSC ed.), says that the defendants are supposed to have entered a conspiracy to raid Pavlovskgranite.  

From my point of view, it is very doubtful. Based on my experience I may say that neither Sberbank nor Sberbank Capital have ever been observed raiding. This makes it possible to think that there is no reason for such accusations.

And the last but not the least, I cannot say for sure that the NY Court has already admitted the PPF Managеment’s lawsuit against Sberbank and its CEO, as I have not read the case materials.  It may happen that it is no more than a pseudo-event. But even if the court has admitted the case it is not guaranteed that it will consider it. American lawyers may later declare that the case is not within its jurisdiction. And that is all.

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