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23:12 23-05-2018
Head of Sberbank predicts further decline in mortgage rates in Russia
22:30 23-05-2018
Russia to invest $190 mln in infrastructure of industrial zone in Egypt
22:04 23-05-2018
State Department says US must keep on counteracting Nord Stream 2
21:47 23-05-2018
Agreement on Indian production of eye drops in Russia to be signed at 2018 SPIEF
21:24 23-05-2018
New airport in Saratov region is named after Yuri Gagarin
20:53 23-05-2018
Football museum to open at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow
20:12 23-05-2018
Italians put up for sale castle with 25 peasant houses
23:26 22-05-2018
Russia expects guarantees for construction of Turkish Stream in Bulgaria
22:38 22-05-2018
Spanish bank cut prices for real estate by 40%
22:01 22-05-2018
Monaco to spend $2.4 billion on expanding its coastline
21:45 22-05-2018
Ukrainian President called for maximum efforts to stop Nord Stream 2
21:22 22-05-2018
Date of construction of cableway from Russia to China is unveiled
20:53 22-05-2018
Digital technologies in housing construction to be discussed at SPIEF
20:13 22-05-2018
Hi-tech waterpark in form of flying saucer to be built in Caucasus
23:33 21-05-2018
Expert assessed prospects for construction of Bulgarian Stream
22:47 21-05-2018
RDIF to negotiate extending cooperation with Saudi Aramco
22:04 21-05-2018
Belene NPP project in Bulgaria implies Russian participation
21:39 21-05-2018
How the fall in the ruble exchange rate affected housing prices in Russia
21:15 21-05-2018
Housing sales to foreigners in Turkey grew by 25% — including Russians
20:58 21-05-2018
Housing with mortgage at 0% is being built in Russian Far East
20:23 21-05-2018
Why Chinese Tmall rents warehouse near Moscow airport
23:33 18-05-2018
Two T-shaped skyscrapers to be built in southeastern Cyprus
22:59 18-05-2018
Blackstone Fund sells all its Hilton shares for $1.3 billion
22:27 18-05-2018
Mortgage rates in USA reached seven-year high
22:06 18-05-2018
Putin linked US stance on Nord Stream 2 with LNG supplies to Europe
21:52 18-05-2018
Russia and Japan begin to cooperate on “Smart Cities”
21:33 18-05-2018
Innovative international airport in Beijing will be built in 2018
21:01 18-05-2018
South Korean Lotte opens 5-star hotel with panoramic swimming pool in Samara
23:57 17-05-2018
Turkish businessmen to build a waste processing plant in Russian Caucasus
23:15 17-05-2018
Donald Trump tried to persuade Angela Merkel to abandon Nord Stream 2
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110 bln roubles for the “Mortgage loan and rental housing” project in Russia

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110 bln roubles for the “Mortgage loan and rental housing” project in Russia

More than 110 bln roubles are supposed to be invested in the “Mortgage loan and rental housing” project implementation in Russia.

Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, spoke about it summarizing the results of the sitting of the Presidium of the Presidential Council on strategic development and priority projects.

Prime-Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the beginning of the event, remarked that “Mortgage loan and rental housing” is the first priority project ready for adoption with all target indexes: volume of housing to put in operation, the number of lent mortgage credits, volumes of annual financing of the priority projects and availability rate.

According to Construction Minister, the task to achieve the volume of 100 m square meter to be put in operation is assigned. The mortgage loan is to grow from 700,000 credits lent in 2015 to 1,000,000 in 2018 and 1,200,000 in 2020.

The pilot projects financing is to achieve 15 bln roubles in 2018 and 20 bln roubles in 2020. To achieve the target figures within the priority project 80 bln roubles will be allotted from the federal budget and 34 bln roubles – from regional budgets.

He also spoke about the developed regulations on housing construction projects support. By the end of the year projects will have been selected, and in 2017 – their realization will start. “The most important is that the final decision on allocation of 20 bln roubles a year to support regional developers has been taken for provision of engineering, transport and social infrastructure within the complex development of territories”, Mikhail Menn stressed.

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