Mikhail Menn on what will be discussed at the State Council on construction

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Mikhail Menn on what will be discussed at the State Council on construction
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Minister Mikhail Menn has defined four blocks of issues to be discussed at the spring State Council on construction.

In 2015, housing construction was the main driver of the construction industry. 84m m2 of residential living space was put in operation last year. “We have beaten the Soviet record!” Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities, Mikhail Menn, told journalists at the V Russian investment construction forum of 2016.


According to him, this was achieved owing to the state support of mortgage loan and the 12% subsidy rate.

As the Minister said, the program of subsidizing the mortgage loan rate is planned to be prolonged until the end of the year.

— It will allow for a serious spurt in housing construction this year, — the Minister claimed.

The number of permits issued for construction in 2016 will put into operation 110m m2 of housing. And as the Minister puts it, due to the prolongation of the program, the housing figures will also be good.

One of the priority tasks for the present is the construction of economy-class housing. As Mikhail Menn said, the Ministry of Construction has developed a draft of the RF Government’s resolution providing for the continuation of the “Housing for a Russian family” program until 2020.

According to the draft, the developers are to be freed from paying rent on the federal land lots where they are constructing residential houses.

Besides this, the Governmental anti-crisis plan includes support measures for the construction of engineering and transport infrastructure while building houses. However, state support measures will only cover the stimulation of economy-class construction, Mikhail Menn stressed.

What problems are to be discussed at the coming Presidium of the State Council, dedicated to construction? This question from the editor-in-chief of the Construction.ru project, Alexander Gusev, was answered as follows:

— The preparatory work for the State Council sitting has just started. We have collected all the proposals from the professional community. There is a tremendous volume of material, there are different opinions, there are critics. We are actively studying the materials.

Mikhail Menn also told Construction.ru that four main blocks of issues will be discussed at the State Council. The first one is dedicated to housing construction and state support of the sphere.

— The second big block includes technical regulation and standard design, the Minister said. — It is a very important issue, and it is a serious priority.

— The third block is price formation, — Mikhail Menn continued. — We are actively reforming the sphere. A basic framing law on price formation is being prepared now and we hope that it will be adopted by the State Duma deputies during the spring session.

As Mikhail Menn said, the issue of staff training and education in the sphere of construction will also be discussed.

A separate discussion will be held on the problems of construction material production development. This topic will be considered together with executives from the ministry of trade and industry.

— Such is the list of issues to be discussed at the Presidium of the State Council, — Mikhail Menn continued, answering the question from our magazine. — All the proposals are now being analyzed, and after consulting the expert community we shall work out the framework of future strategic documentation.

As Menn remarked, there will be two reports prepared for the State Council: the Minister’s and the Working Group leader’s (the latter being the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, Victor Tolokonsky).

— We are working together towards the solution of this task, said Mikhail Menn.


Prepared by Yury IZMAILOV