Trump won. End of Act One. Curtain down.

Trump won. End of Act One. Curtain down.
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The representative of the Great American Dream has won the USA presidential elections.

On Wednesday 9th, the businessman, developer and republican Donald Trump became known as the winner of the elections in the USA. What changes in the world economy will follow the Americans’ choice? Might the impossibly successful constructor’s coming to power positively influence the American banks’ trust in the representatives of Russian development? All these considerations seem a bit ahead of time. We all know very well that election pledges are only promises, and a man is judged by his deeds…


This time Russia was watching the presidential race in the USA with great interest. Of course, the elections for the Head of the White House are first of all a show, and Americans are superb at it.

Any normal Russian TV viewer now knows the scandalous facts of Donald Trump’s biography by heart and can scrupulously enumerate all the symptoms of Hillary Clinton’s diseases. But very often they could not tell you the date of the RF State Duma elections which modestly took place against the background of the heated pre-election battles in the USA. Even questions about it made people feel uncomfortable – they’d rather talk about Trump and Clinton…

It is understandable: there, our fellow citizens are exotic carnival spectators, and here they are just attendance units. The important factor is the risen-from-the-ashes image of external threat – the traditional role of America. And it seems that the events taking place in the faraway and unknown-for-the-majority-of-Russians country will probably influence the future of Russia more than the ones taking place here.

And it is not surprising either, as experience shows that American sanctions, with European support, impact upon our life more seriously than all the attempts of the Russian authorities to challenge them.

Many people, Warren Buffett among them, and in Russia as well, confidently put their money on Hillary Clinton, not because she is a strong politician but because she embodies temperance.

Having not offered any ideas for solutions to key problems in the country and in the world, and focused on insignificant details, she seemed to be leading with the majority of Americans dreaming only of stability, as opposed to the eccentric, loud and far-from-popular-with-everybody Trump.

Trump won. End of Act One. Curtain down.

But the population of the USA, as we know now, turned out to be more conservative than sociologists had forecast. They elected a republican, but, more importantly, a man. One with strange mannerisms, but not dull.

Americans may be understood: they voted for stability at the previous elections with the second term of the African-American president. When it happened for the first time, the American electorate had to overcome a serious psychological barrier – it was the first time in American history. The second time they voted for the order of things to run its course.

Who knew then that he was not “a dark horse” but a real “Trojan horse”? And it would be too much to elect a woman – it does not matter who. Maybe later, when everything calms down…

The “horse” is soon to leave the White House, but nobody yet knows who Donald Trump is. We may say only that he is a bizarre showman, having demonstrated his radical views on national policy and refugees issues, antiwar rhetoric and social program support.

The important image issue is the doughty agility of the ever-young 70-year-old Trump, emphasized by his beautiful wife, a former model, who is only 46. Her nude photos from 2005, having appeared just before Donald's pre-election campaign, looked much more attractive than the dull details of Hillary's diseases.

All these are evident components of the Great American Dream and markers for the mature wealthy male part of the electorate: a red sport car and a long-legged beauty on the passenger seat.

The Russian TV viewer was attracted by something different. Everything started with Trump’s good feelings towards Putin. This message was addressed not only to Putin personally, but to all people living abroad. A kind of courtesy. Our people understood it as a signal to a probable warming in the issue of external politics, and started to watch the events attentively. We here, in Russia, also miss stability – both of the rouble and on shelf labels.

Stability — though Russians and Americans understand it differently — has become a new unifying factor. And a warming seems inevitable.

But it is too early to say much. Trump won. End of Act One. Curtain down. Fortunately for all of us, not an iron curtain…

Alexei GARIN