Peculiarities of production modernization at Starateli’s enterprises

Peculiarities of production modernization at Starateli’s enterprises
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The leading company on the Russian market for dry construction mixtures, Starateli LLC, is carrying out the modernization of its manufacturing facilities.

The main feature of the modernization process is in the usage of automated machines and mechanisms developed and created by engineers and specialists from the “Starateli” automation department, with the purpose of updating the production lines, the company’s press office told on Monday.


In particular, on the eve of May Day, an innovative palletizer was put into operation at one of the enterprises in Novospassk.

This aggregate is designed for laying the end product and a high-quality package on the pallets.

The device is made mostly out of components made in Russia, and was installed and started up by the company’s specialists in just 4 days.

This applies only to the components of the automatic control system and the engine’s electrical system; they used foreign brands, such as Shneider Electric and Siemens, due to the absence of domestically manufactured analogues.