Allcheck – an expert system for BIM model checking in Allplan

Allcheck – an expert system for BIM model checking in Allplan
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The Allbau Software company has announced the output and the start of deliveries in the CIS for its new software product Allcheck.

As was told by the company’s press office, the new product is based on the rules of the expert design decision checking system in Allplan. It allows one to carry out an automated check, analysis and quality control of informational models as well as their correction. The program is capable of discovering clashes, checking the model’s correspondence to BIM standard requirements and design regulations, and comparing models of different chapters. Only the Allbau Software programmers’ team has been working on the development. It is a multifunctional tool for those who are interested in full and constant control over their projects.
Allcheck is not a western mechanism requiring adaptation to Russia-specific tasks. It was initially designed to be sold on the CIS market.
While using Allcheck, automated error detection that can help you avoid expensive losses is available at an early stage. Together with BIM+ by Nemetschek, Allcheck forms an important part of an expert’s workstation independent of the BIM tool.