Ruukki enters the National Roofing Union

Ruukki enters the National Roofing Union
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Ruukki announced that it has entered the National Roofing Union — a professional community of Russian construction companies engaged in designing, constructing and exploiting roofs, as well as in the production of roofing materials and components.

As was told by the company’s press office, membership in the Union will allow the company to actively participate in its activity, directed at building up effective relationships between all players in the roofing market.

Besides this, the professional union endorses cooperation with government bodies for the purpose of the regulatory system’s actualization in the construction sector, works out recommendations for the certification system of new materials and techniques, engages in the collection and presentation of statistical data on the roofing market, and contributes to the development of educational programs for specialists.

Before entering the Union, Ruukki had been actively cooperating with the organization for many years.

Thus, in 2012 the company, jointly with the National Roofing Union, launched a number of innovation educational programs with a specialization in “Roofer working with metal roofs”.

The project has provided the possibility for the industry’s specialists to get acquainted with the latest technologies in the field of seam roofing, get skilled in working with new materials and advance their qualifications.