Topics for discussion at 100+ Forum Russia in Yekaterinburg

Topics for discussion at 100+ Forum Russia in Yekaterinburg
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Participants of the International 100+ Forum Russia in Yekaterinburg will discuss BIM technologies in the construction of high-rise and unique buildings, the event organizers told Construction.RU today.

According to the organizers of 100+ Forum Russia, there is not enough laws to make the BIM technologies usage nationwide.

Since 2015, Russia has been conducting work on standardization of software and documentation, as well as the development of pilot projects.

The main task is by the year 2020, to increase up to 50% a number of projects, released with the usage of the building information modeling technologies.

That is why the forum participants will discuss the topics of interaction of different programs and platforms for information modeling and creation of a single legal base of the information modeling technologies.

By the 1st of September, Russian Construction Ministry will develop and approve the work plan for implementation of BIM-technologies.

We should remind you that International 100+ Forum Russia is held in Yekaterinburg annually with support and participation of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities.