Large IKEA hypermarket to be built near Voronezh

Large IKEA hypermarket to be built near Voronezh
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Swedish IKEA company will erect its large hypermarket in the area of Otradnenskoye settlement of the Voronezh region, Head of the regional Department for Architecture and Urban Construction, Marina Rakova, told reporters on Wednesday.

According to her, the mall project has already been prepared and, at present, a layout planning of a trunk line and a multi-level junction are being developed.

The facility will become a notable object and will create additional jobs. The area of hypermarket will amount to 44,000 sq.m, the parking lot will be designed for 1,7000 cars. All works at the construction site are scheduled to be completed until the end of 2017.

IKEA hypermarket in Voronezh will annually accept five million customers and will employ over 400 people.