Mitsubishi intends to build methanol plant in Sakhalin region

Mitsubishi intends to build methanol plant in Sakhalin region
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Mitsubishi Corporation RUS is going to build a plant producing methanol on the territory of the Sakhalin region situated in the Russian Far Eastern Federal District.

A corresponding agreement was signed in the city of Vladivostok, by the head of the regional government, Vera Scherbina, and the company’s director general, Minoru Furusawa.

Commenting the agreement, the region’s governor, Oleg Kozhemyako, pointed out that it was important to process gas on the territory of the region. “At present, it’s crucial not just to consider gas supplies, now the third technological phase of a liquefied natural gas facility is being implemented,” he explained.

According to Kozhemyako, it was Mitsubishi who first expressed their readiness to realize such project – a plant, which will produce methanol. “We have the task to promote this project and to guarantee gas supplies,” he added.

Meanwhile, Vera Scherbina noted that there was a need to select a relevant plot of land for the facility. This work is underway, she said.