Large-scale construction of available housing starts in Moscow

Large-scale construction of available housing starts in Moscow
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Capital Group in cooperation with JSC Directorate for Experimental Micro-Districts Development have launched the construction of “Pozitiv” residential compound in Rumyantsevo district located on a territory recently adjoined to Moscow, Vedomosti newspaper reports on Monday citing the company’s representatives.

A land plot with an area of 5,87 hectares is situated approximately 3 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, along the Kievskoye highway, in the vicinity of RIO trade center.

“The land plot was acquired together with an engineering company,” a commercial director of Capital Group, Alexey Belousov, said without going into details.

A total area of the residential compound is 109,000 square meters. The first floors are planned to be occupied with the related infrastructure, including shops and banks’ branches. There will also be a 5-storey parking lot for 499 cars.

Investments into the project will amount to 5,7 bln roubles.