Ukrainian Parliament wants EU to stop using Russian gas

Ukrainian Parliament wants EU to stop using Russian gas
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The next week Ukrainian Parliament intends to adopt a resolution calling on European Union to refuse the half of imported Russian gas, as well as to withdraw from Nord Stream project.

The document was initiated by chairman of parliamentary committee for foreign affairs, Anna Gopko. She indicated as a basis for resolution adoption “Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine and Aleppo, which has to be stopped.”

Ukrainian parliamentarians believe that reduction of gas supplies and suspension of Nord Stream project might become a constraining factor for Russia.

Meanwhile, such initiatives are unlikely to be endorsed in Brussels on a higher level, senior researcher at Security Study Center (CSS), Dr Severin Fischer told Izvestia newspaper.  

“Some EU members have been pressing for suspension of Nord Stream 2 project for a long time. But this issue is under the supervision of the European Commission, which is the only body to assess the project in terms of compliance with European legislation. At the same time, I don’t believe that the gas sector  might be the target of sanction policy against Russia,” said Fischer.