Solovki under reconstruction. What is to be built in 2017?

Solovki under reconstruction. What is to be built in 2017?
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The construction of a sewer system is to be complete in the settlement of Solovetsky this year.

First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the RF, Leonid Stavitsky, spoke about it at the sitting of the work group on preservation and development of the Solovetsky Archipelago. 

«The Russian Minstroy is responsible for the construction and reconstruction of the water supply system in the settlement of Solovetsky, and it is to be financed in 2018. Minstroy is seeking for the opportunity to allocate funds for that in 2017, Leonid Stavitsky stressed.

First Deputy Minister explained that the planned reconstruction is vital for Solovetsky’s inhabitants, the Solovki patriarchal fratry and for pilgrims.

Another task for the RF Minstroy is the construction of multifamily housing to resettle people from dilapidated housing including monastery monuments. It is planned for 2019.

Construction and updating of the transport, engineering and social infrastructures, the restoration of cultural and historical heritage objects were also discussed at the sitting.