Why prices for apartments in Paris spiked

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Why prices for apartments in Paris spiked
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Prices for apartments in Paris have broken records of the 2017 year. Namely, the price for one square meter of real estate in the first three months of 2018 amounted to an average of €9,000.

Such factors as a lack of supply of completed apartments and the return of foreign investors will contribute to further price increases in the near future, experts say. The price per square meter for the coming months is expected to be about €9,300.

In the center of Paris, on the contrary, there is a trend of lowering prices. Apartments in the four central districts of Paris are estimated at an average of €10.000 per square meter.  

As for the market of elite apartments in Paris, there is a strong demand for housing with four rooms or more in the city’s historic district with a view of a garden and park ensemble. Such apartments cost about €12,000-15,000 and are purchased primarily by foreigners, with the demand being driven by the UK exit from the European Union since investors are increasingly considering apartments in Paris as an alternative to housing in London.