Saudi Gazette explains why Rosatom should win tender for first NPP in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Gazette explains why Rosatom should win tender for first NPP in Saudi Arabia
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Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear corporation, has been shortlisted for the next stage of a tender for the construction of Saudi Arabia’s first project on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, the Saudi Gazette reported on July 9. 

According to the Saudi newspaper, for the first nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia, Rosatom offers its latest and the world's first operational reactor of generation 3+, VVER-1200, which is fitted with the most advanced security systems.
What is especially important, this technology has already shown a good performance. For example, VVER-1200 power units are successfully operating at two Russian nuclear power plants. And even more of such power units are being constructed in a number of countries, including Egypt and Turkey. That is why VVER-1200 are not just the world’s first reactors of generation 3+, they are also the first of a serial production, the Saudi website stresses. It also notes that Rosatom is leading in the number of implemented projects for NPP construction around the world and currently is constructing 35 facilities in eleven countries abroad.
Based on its experience, Rosatom can build the first Saudi nuclear power plant in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety. Saudi Gazette highlights that Rosatom's package of services may include deliveries of nuclear fuel for NPPs, assistance in training specialists in the nuclear industry, as well as in developing the regulatory framework, creating the nuclear infrastructure and increasing the level of public approval of nuclear projects.
Saudi Gazette draws attention to the fact that Rosatom has both know-how and resources to support its customers at all stages of the NPP existence. At the same time, the state corporation seeks to meet specific needs and takes into account the peculiar situations of each of its clients.