The most advanced maternity centre will be built in Norilsk for 3.2 bln rubles

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The construction of a maternity centre to accept expectant mothers from all Taimyr has started in Norilsk. The cost of the work will be 3.2 billion rubles. 

As the territorial press-service reported to, The most modern maternity centre will be constructed nearby Norilsk’s inter-district hospital ?1. Land filling and field preparation works have started on the construction site. The total area of the building will be 22,600 square meters, and the main facility will have 5,800m2. The centre has been calculated for 110 beds. Annually about 3,000 women can be received there not only from Norilsk, but from the whole Taimyr region. 

There will be a department with a special care nursery. 3.2 billion rubles have been allocated from federal and territorial budgets. The construction is to be completed in 2016.