VOLVO CE officials reveal their plans for Russia

VOLVO CE officials reveal their plans for Russia
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Braas. Sweden. Our special correspond, Alexei Nevsky, reports from the ground. Press tour organized for the representatives of the Russian industrial media continued with a visit to the world largest Volvo plant producing articulated haulers.

At a briefing Senior Vice President for VOLVO CE sales, Tomas Kuta, announce the plant’s plans and export policy.

In particular, he told in details about a new model of hauler, А60Н, with a carrying capacity of 60 tons.

“At present, there are just five of such vehicles, - said a vice president – but at the end of the year the plant will proceed to their serial production, in particular, for the Russian climate with the possibility to exploit the hauler at a low temperature – down to 45 degrees”.

When asked by the Construction.RU special correspondent about the price of this hauler’s model for Russian consumers, the top manager didn’t provide a direct answer – the price will depend on a number of factors, including the exchange rate of rouble early next year.

At present, the company’s policy in Russia is the market optimization with its preservation in Russia, emphasized Tomas Kuta. This principle also underlies the operation of the Volvo plant in the Kaluga region.

Following the press conference, Russian reporters tool part in, possibly, the most interesting tour in the program – demo-show of the construction machinery of the company, which have been tested at the plant’s range. The show was devoted to the 50th anniversary of assembly of the first commercial articulated haulers with carrying capacity of 10 tons.

VOLVO CE officials reveal their plans for Russia

During an hour, more than 200 guests representing a number of European countries have observed a demonstration of all company’s construction machinery – from the first tractor of 1950s to the products of preset day.

After noon, the reporters visited the plant producing articulated haulers.

Here, in the workshops the haulers are created from iron sheet to the end product, which is tested at the local plant range under maximum load.

When the demo-show was over, everyone had an opportunity to drive or operate any kind of the company’s vehicle. Most of all the reporters wished to take the test drive of a new А60Н hauler.

Marketing manager, Viktoria Fomina, and technical manager of sales department, Dmitry Klimkin, helped Russian reporters to get themselves familiarized with the machinery, as well as to receive information on the products of this well-known brand.

As a reference, VOLVO company accounts for 45% of the articulated haulers global market. New А60Н model is designed for the Russian market as well. The assembly time takes 10 working days.