Second Game of Young Talents starts at ARCH Moscow exhibition

Second Game of Young Talents starts at ARCH Moscow exhibition
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Today, at 16.00, the second game “The Young Talents of Construction Industry” of the season 2017-2018 of Architect Battle series started. The event is organized by All-Russian online journal Construction.RU.

The game is held in a conference hall of the Central House of Artists located on Krymsky Val Street in Moscow. This time the game takes place within the framework of 2017 ARCH Moscow exhibition, it involves 3 teams of young Moscow architects.

Its topic is “Pioneer”. This is a free discussion on innovation in architecture and construction, synergy of classics and modernism. The participants will have an opportunity find out how this is timely in big and small cities of Russia.

The already known Q17 team, led by a captain Natalia Shchetinina, is taking part in the second game of the season. Its rivals are 2 teams from the Moscow Institute of Architecture – Intelligentsia and АRХIV.

The partner of the second game is TRIMO company, and Fischer Fixing Systems RUS acts as an expert. By tradition, famous Moscow architects, headed by Ruben Arakelyan, entered the jury.

Opening the game, a moderator and author of the project, Alexander Gusev, congratulated all present and wished a good luck to the game’s participants.