Tetris-style shop is being built in the Moscow region

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Tetris-style shop is being built in the Moscow region
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The design of the Tetris-style store was agreed upon by the Architectural Commission

According to the Moscow Architecture Committee, the new Decathlon sporting goods store in Mytishchi will have unusual facades resembling tetris.

The building area is 3558 sq.m. It will be one-story, with facades in the characteristic colors of the Decathlon network, white with blue accents.
The main task of the architects was to make the long blank surfaces of the building more diverse. So, in the area of ​​the main entrance, a completely glazed corner was made, accented by a blue visor with a large information structure. In the lining of the main part of the facades, a plastic method was applied with the removal of part of the panels forming a pattern like tetris.

“The architects have found an original way of giving the large deaf planes of the walls a volume that forms a new scale for the building. They used plastic techniques, reinforced the dynamism of the facade with the help of information structures. The authors paid special attention to the “fifth” facade, that is, the roof on which a bright geometric pattern will be made, ”said Alexander Kuzmina, chief architect of the Moscow region.